Sand-free Quick-Dry Towels FAQ

Why you will never go back to a standard cotton beach towel.

Let's be open about "sand-free". It is however some others may say it's their "Precision design and fabric technology!" or using a special fabric name that they have trademarked.  However that's just marketing. All microfibre waffle weave towels allow the sand to slide right off and everyone in the industry uses this same fabric technology. What matters is our values, the microfibre's GSM,  the vibrant designs and if recycled material and quality inks are used. 

We use:

* 390 GSM for a more luxe feel and greater absorbency. Some other cheaper towels only use 200-250 GSM microfibre which feels like a bed sheet. Higher GSM is better!

* Up to 40% recycled PET bottles and you can capture any microwaste created during washing your towel in the free microwaste laundry bag.

* Quality Italian inks that are eco-friendly and prevent fading.

The vibrant designs speak for themselves!

Testing indicates that OCEONYX towels absorb more than 2.5x their own weight in water; typically 1.7 litres of water per full size towel or 3.4 L per double towel. If you pat your skin when drying yourself you will feel and see the water being soaked up by the towel.  The good thing is they are also quick drying so they are light to carry home.

Our towels are currently made from 390 GSM microfibre (80% polyester, 20% polyamide) that contains 40% clean recycled polyester from PET bottles. 

Some competitors use a low GSM of 200-290 and you can tell they are lower quality. OCEONYX towels use 380-400 GSM which is the higher quality luxe feel and greater absorption while still being compact. Why the range? We manufacturer to 390GSM but the fabric does have some natural variation.

Using up to 40% recycled PET doesn’t solve the problem of plastic waste entering our environment via tiny plastic fibres breaking off during washing. Researchers found that synthetic fabrics create up to 700,000 tiny particles (>50µm) per wash.  And scientists found that the ocean's plankton is eating it working itself up the food chain to fish, people & whales. Recognising this we have included a free special laundry washbag with your quick-dry towel to filter out microwaste of this size from entering our waterways & oceans when you wash it. Just occasionally grab the accumulated waste fibres from the inside corner of the wash bag & dispose of it in the household waste.

The quick-drying inorganic nature of the microfibre reduces bacterial and fungal growth. We do not use any antibacterial or antifungal chemicals in our towels which could disrupt the good natural biome on your skin.

When fully dry the full size beach towel typically weighs less than 600 grams and the double beach towel/blanket for two typically weighs less than 1.1 kg.

OB-1 Time-marked Water Bottles FAQ

As safe as glass to drink from and so much more durable.

The OB-1 bottle is made from certified 100% US Tritan® plastic which is the safest and most inert plastic of all. Independent scientific tests showed that the Tritan plastic is as safe as glass even after 100s of hot washes.

Tritan® plastic is used in hundreds of food contact products around the world, including water bottles, blenders and food storage containers. To ensure the safety of Tritan the raw material manufacturer, conducted extensive scientific testing over many years. Accredited universities and independent third-party labs tested Tritan, and the results overwhelmingly demonstrate that it is safe to use in contact with food or consumable liquids. For more detailed information please contact us.

Yes absolutely. No Bispenol-A (BPA) nor Bispenol-S (BPS) additives are used in our Tritan bottles. Tritan plastic also is free of any hormonal disruptive chemicals that cause estrogenic activity (EA) and androgenic activity (AA). These have been scientifically verified. 

Our stylish lids are made from stainless steel veneer bonded to a high impact base with a silicon gasket to ensure that it is hygenic and leak-free.

The OB-1 time-marked bottle is extremely durable. However it does have limits to what it can withstand so we can't guarantee that a large force won't damage it. The tritan bottle is very tough & will usually bounce back time & time again. However the stainless steel lids can be dented if you drop it hard enough directly on the lid. We have supplied a free additional replacement lid just in case that happens.

We are working on offering new lids separately for purchase however this is not currently available. This is why we provide a free second lid with every bottle purchase. We are planning to offer additional lids for separate purchase in 2021.

When empty the OB-1 BPA-free time-marked bottle weighs 170 grams with both lids & packaging.

Discounts & Sales time

Everything you need to know about saving money on OCEONYX gear.

All discount coupon codes are turned off during our Sales, They are reactivated after the Sale ends. 

No unfortunately not lovely. Promotional discount codes only work one at a time. We do not allow discount codes to be combined in one order. If you have multiple codes, make sure you choose the code you want to use that provides you with the best discount.

Shipping FAQ

We currently deliver FREE to anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

We can deliver to Australian PO Boxes for standard FREE delivery only.

Express delivery must be to an address & not a PO Box.

Unfortunately we are currently only able to deliver to Australia and New Zealand for free. We are working to change this ASAP and will make our products available for international orders as soon as we are able to offer the high level of service we expect for our customers. We are working on making our products available worldwide. So keep in touch!

We dispatch your order within a two hour window every morning (Mon-Fri) from a Sydney fulfillment centre that is ISO 9001:2000 quality certified and uses the latest technology.

We dispatch orders every weekday morning however the rest of the delivery timeframe is determined by Australia Post, air freight and couriers. Delivery may be significantly delayed due to restrictions & flight closures because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for Australia Post delays.

To an Australian address it typically takes:
Standard (3-7 Days) 
Express (1-3 Days) 

Our orders are delivered via Australia Post or Startrack Express, AAE, TNT or Toll Ipec. For more information go to our shipping page.

Yes, all orders come with tracking. You will receive an email with the tracking information so you can check your order's delivery status whenever you want.

You will be sent a tracking number within one business day of placing your order. To see where your order is, paste this number into the 'Track an item' form on the following website:

Australia Post

* Startrack Express

Returns and exchanges

The OCEONYX Team want you to fall in love with your purchase but if for some reason you don’t, just return it or exchange it. 

We have a 30 day ‘no questions asked’ return policy. Please contact us and we will send you a return label.

Please contact us and we will send you a return label to send the returned order to. We can connect via Instagram @oceonyx, facebook messenger or using the 'Ask a Question' tab on the Contact Us page or on the base of any product page.

We accept returns within 30-days of purchase. Refunds will be issued excluding the return label cost. Items must not have been washed or altered in any way. The product needs to be returned in its product packaging with the entire original contents. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returns that do not meet above requirement except only under special circumstances that we are happy to discuss.

What we are doing for a better world!

We are not only committed to producing sustainable long-life products but we also strive to minimise our full environmental impact in every way including being carbon neutral, minimising waste & supporting charities that protect our oceans and marine life.

Customers from Europe, Brazil and California

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Still have questions?

We are happy to answer your questions via Instagram @oceonyxfacebook messenger or using the 'Ask a Question' tab on the Contact Us page or on the base of any product page.